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President's Report

Dear Members and Friends of SMPS Ozarks,

We find ourselves in challenging times -- still.  These days in-person business meetings and networking gatherings seem like relics from our recent past. I’m very much looking forward to the time when we can all gather for laughter, camaraderie, and live events again. In my nearly 20 years of SMPS membership, I’ve found this organization invaluable for making connections that matter to me both professionally and personally.

For everyone’s health and safety from COVID-19, for the foreseeable future, SMPS Ozarks has had to suspend our in-person event plans. In the meanwhile, I encourage you to take advantage of the virtual events being offered by the SMPS National team and other SMPS chapters. Until we can come together again, we would like to hear from you about any programming that you would find helpful going forward. Feel free to contact me or any of the SMPS Ozarks board members to share your thoughts. 

Be sure to read below about the Meet Tomorrow Head On campaign with free resources for members who join in July. Also, I’d like to welcome our most recent new SMPS Ozarks member, Jordan Wehmeier, Corporate Business Development Manager, at Crossland Heavy Contractors.

Joan McQuaid
SMPS Ozarks President

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Marketing Insights

5 Reasons to Consistently
Update Your Website

Updating your website is a critical piece to marketing your firm. Most prospects and potential employees go to your website to learn more about your firm and what you are all about. They want to learn about the people and the projects. The About Us or Team page is the most visited page of any website regardless of industry, because people want to know about the people they are going to work with. That’s why it’s imperative to have information about your leadership team and photos of each person. It’s also important to talk about company culture. Keeping your website updated will help market your firm to prospects and potential employees. There are five reasons to consistently update your website — I recommend once a month.  

Showcase Your Current Projects

Showing off your current work is important to catching the eye of prospects and potential employees. They want to see what you’ve recently worked on and what solutions you’ve provided to your clients. With the advancement of photography over the last five to ten years, you can definitely tell when project photography is older than 10 years. Updating your website with recently completed work allows you to portray the project types you work on, and also allows you to showcase new geographic markets or industries you are now serving. You should update your project portfolio at least once a month.

Recruit Talent

In the architecture, engineering, and construction industries, we are all vying for talent. It’s important to keep your Careers/Employment page up to date with current openings in your company. You must make it easy to learn about your company and positions available, while also giving instructions on how to apply and the entire process an applicant should expect. Don’t have any current openings? Then list the typical openings you may have and encourage people to check back regularly, or to submit their resume so you can keep it on file. You never want to turn away good talent in this marketplace. Most firms, upon finding a great employee, will find a position that fit that person’s skill set. Recruiting talent isn’t going to become any easier in the next twelve to twenty-four months, but keeping your website updated with current openings will allow potential employees to find these positions.  

Enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google will troll your site on a periodic basis no matter what, but if you are consistently making updates, then it will troll it even more. The more often you update, the more Google will pull your information up in a search. Google will see your website as an expert in your industry. Your website must have content on it, though, in order for Google to find it. This is why content and copy are so important — and knowing what keywords your prospects and clients are searching for will help with your SEO, too. You can only jam so much information in your photography for Google to catch (meaning how you name your photos, which you should be doing as well).  

Maintain Security

The internet is constantly changing, so it’s important to make sure your site is safe and secure. By updating plug-ins, installing an SSL Certificate, and maintaining your firewalls among other technical aspects, you’ll protect your website from being hacked and keep it in line with all of Google’s rules. (It’s important to follow Google’s rules, so you rank higher in searches.) Although you may not take credit card or payment information or store client data on your website, any website can still get hacked and may be down for days or even weeks. By consistently updating plug-ins and security measures, you’ll make sure your website is always up and running for prospects, clients, and potential employees to see.

Increase Traffic

If you are consistently updating your website with new content, then your existing clients, employees, suppliers, vendors, and industry partners will visit your website. It also goes back to search engine optimization (SEO), because the more consistent you are with updating it the more people will find your website, resulting in more traffic. Don’t believe me? Track your Google analytics for several months and then start consistently updating your website. You won’t see triple or quadruple traffic, but you will see a noticeable increase in traffic.

These five reasons to update your website consistently will help your firm and add to your marketing effectiveness.


Lindsay Young is Chief Difference Maker at nu marketing, which helps small to medium sized businesses take their strategic marketing plans to a new and unique level.  

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Resources for SMPS Members

When you join SMPS, you’ll:

  • Be connected to top-quality education and critical business and career resources
  • Access marketing tools and training to drive more effective results
  • Gain business development resources to generate new growth
  • Benefit from leadership opportunities, training, and skills to build your career and your firm’s business
  • Amplify your influence with your marketing team and firm to create more business opportunities
  • Join a community of like-minded peers—over 7,100 strong—engaged in advancing the value of marketing and business development in the A/E/C industries, and in the success of their firms

As part of SMPS’s  Meet Tomorrow Head On campaign, any new member that joins in the month of July will automatically receive a bundle of resources valued at $484.

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Community Service

Do you want to. . . 

  • develop and practice your leadership skills?
  • empower others?
  • benefit personally, professionally, and for your firm?
  • have purposeful, engaging fun?
  • meet great people and develop friendships?
  • boost your career?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, we know of a great way you can accomplish all of these goals.  Volunteer with SMPS Ozarks! We value your insight and perspectives. We would be grateful for your helping hands to build an even better Chapter for our companies, communities, and yes, even ourselves.

Besides, we need you. SMPS Ozarks has open positions in membership, sponsorship, programs/education and more. 

If you want to learn more about volunteering, please contact us.  We’ll be happy to share the many ways you can be learn, enhance your career, and be of service.

We promise you, volunteering will give you back much more than you give. And that’s a win win!  

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Thanks to our Sponsors

If you or company is interested in becoming an SMPS sponsor please contact Gabe Lett, [email protected], 417.680.7344.

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